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Are you a parent who is worried about how your son or daughter will cope with school and beyond?

How can High Hopes Educational Services help?

If you have heard all the theory, but want real, practical, commonsense and user-friendly ways...with a base in real-life parenting and teaching....then our workshops will help to answer your questions about:

  • Starting 'big school'
  • Transition from primary to high school - strategies for successful adolescent transitions BEYOND the first term in high school!
  • Techniques on how to become a more time-managed, organised student
  • Understanding HOW you learn
  • Pre-employment skills and preparation
  • Transition from High School to University - strategies to cope with change

Our workshops cover a broad range of issues and areas of concern for parents whose children are attending school or about to step out into the 'wide world' beyond the school gates. We also offer individual and group student sessions on transition, time management skills, learning styles, how to write essays, assignments and CVs.

We have worked with many schools, businesses and organisations and the feedback is always positive - these simple strategies WORK because people keep telling us they do!

Check our workshops page for information on the program that suits your needs. Don't let anxiety take hold - prevention is ALWAYS better than cure! Contact us today!

These strategies have been tried and tested - and they work!

Transition to high school is NOT an orientation, but a process of significant change. If your school is considering implementing a structured approach to this phase, we offer a workshop for teachers working with final year primary students and first year secondary students. This session offers a range of 'best practice' and current strategies for your school - there is no 'one size fits all', and this session provides an opportunity for staff to discuss and plan a transition program that best suits YOUR school, students and community.

We also offer professional development programs for teachers on a range of other topics, including learning styles, boys and girls education and parent engagement. For further details, check our workshops page.