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Successful Transitions

Parent Workshop

This 90 minute session is for parents of students in secondary school.

Transition from primary to secondary school is a process, not an event. Some students (and parents) struggle with the massive changes facing them in the secondary school years. This session is designed to take some of the heat off by reassuring parents that they are not alone...and proving that they still play an important role in their child's education.

The session is a mix of humour, anecdotes, parenting traps and real, practical strategies for parents to get a better 'grip' on understanding their developing teen.

Topics covered in this interactive workshop include:

  • How is secondary school different?
  • The 'Middle Years' development - who IS this child?
  • A transition for parents. Time to step up...or step back?
  • Life skills parents can teach their children - are they transferable to school?
  • Teens with 'attitude' - it's hard to be positive when you're drowning in work! Tips to help
  • Insights into HOW your child learns - working smarter not harder


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