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B.O.A.T Program

Angie in actionHigh Hopes Educational Services offers different styles of workshop:

In general, workshops are run by arrangement with a school, and on school premises. However, other arrangements may be possible: contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Parent/Student Workshop

Parents and students work together as a "team" to develop practical and effective strategies to improve time management and organisational skills at home and in the classroom.

The more informed parents are about the expected demands on children in high school, the sooner they can become involved in assisting their child to develop effective work techniques.

Students are given tips on how to organise themselves at school, balance their time between work and play, organise their work area at home, plan their work schedule, set achievable goals and how to "chunk" homework tasks.

Depending on your preference, the workshop may be held during the day or in the evening.


NOTE: PARENT-ONLY workshops have become very popular, with several organisations requesting this format. These workshops run for 60 MINUTES or 90 MINUTES, with the 90 minute session incorporating a segment on understanding your child's learning style to assist with developing effective work routines.

See separate page for pricing of these workshops.

Student Workshop

This 60-minute workshop offers students tips and strategies for how to cope with high school.

Students engage in discussion, role-play and a variety of other activities to help them become more organised and more effective students before they start high school. We discuss:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Developing effective work routines
  • Goal setting
  • Promoting a positive attitude
  • Organisation and time management techniques

Similar to the parent-student workshop, the student-only session is pitched at student level, and is a fun, yet informative, workshop which should encourage students to feel prepared and excited about the new challenges of high school.

Students are provided with a handbook, which contains activities covered in the session, as well as a summary of valuable tips on positive attitude and organising and managing their time.

See separate page for pricing of this workshop.