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Learning to Learn Program

This ½ day workshop is designed for beginning primary teachers, primary teachers who have been teaching for less than 5 years and require professional development for accreditation - or teachers who would perhaps like a few new ideas!

The session meets a number of elements of the NSW Institute of Teachers Professional Teaching Standards and includes discussion, activities and reflections related to:

• Understanding children’s readiness to learn – and how to ‘switch on’ the brain!

• Utilising a variety of thinking skills in the classroom

• Acknowledging different learning styles as a future key to unlocking student potential

• Developing students’ organisation and time management skills

Homework issues – use of rubrics and transparent criteria for teachers, students and parents – how to make everyone’s life easier!

This workshop can be conducted within your school as part of a professional development session, or conducted at a private venue with a number of other regional schools attending. For pricing of this workshop, see separate page or contact us.