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Middle Years - Engaged and Motivated

Staff Workshop

This 90 minute session targets teachers in the 'middle school' - Years 5-9, or 10-15 years of age, group.

Research indicates that this middle school period is extremely significant not just academically, but also developmentally. Without a clear understanding of the major changes faced by these young adolescents, both physically and cognitively, we cannot begin to successfully engage them in learning.

The Middle Years workshop focuses on identifying the physical, emotional and cognitive changes, as well as the key factors we need to consider to engage and motivate these learners. How we work with these young people during these years is critical to the educational outcomes of their senior school years, as well as their life-long attitude to learning.

This overview of key elements of 'Middle Years - Engaged and Motivated' includes information, discussion and activities around:

  • The developmental needs, abilities and capacities of young adolescents
  • How we can maximise student engagement in the middle years
  • The implications for schools and teachers
  • Practical classroom strategies to engage all middle years learners - thinking outside the square!

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