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PATH Service

High Hopes Educational Services NOW offers our new ‘PATH Service’ – Parents At Home!!

What is PATH?

• We come to YOU, and a group of at least 10 friends, to give you a relaxed and informal presentation of a parent program of your choice: the 'Ready, Set, Go!' program (for kindies), the B.O.A.T program (transition to high school), the L.O.T program (learning styles, organisation and time management skills), the ‘Get it Write!’ program for easy essay and assignment writing tips or the T.O.P Skills program for developing pre-employment skills.

• All sessions run for 60 minutes and are packed full of tips to help YOU help your kids – if you have sons or daughters in Years 5 through to Year 12 – these sessions are guaranteed to help them and YOU!

• All sessions cost $30 per head and include a handbook of tips and summaries – so you don’t have to write it all down! (For an additional $5, student is welcome to attend)

• The ‘host’ will receive the session free of charge (including handbook) and, if subsequent bookings are confirmed on the day, the host will also receive a complimentary organisation/stationery kit for their son or daughter

• Confirmation of booking time/date and payment MUST be received no later than 2 days prior to PATH session

See separate page for pricing of this workshop or contact us.