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S.K.O.O.L Program

Student Workshop

This 60 minute session for Year 5 and 6 students is aimed at developing Skills for Kids to Organise, Order and Learn.

Packed full of information and fun activities, this session gives students a variety of easy steps to follow to help them become more organised and stay on top of workloads.

Students are provided with a handbook for this session to keep as a source of reference and a ‘reminder’!

“I can’t find…..” – sound familiar? Students will be given tips on how to develop a filing and storage system that WORKS!!

“I forgot to do my homework” – irritating but true!!! Students are shown how to use a diary and planner, as well as tips on how to break down large homework tasks into smaller ‘chunks’.

“I didn’t have time to get it finished” – it’s called ‘prioritising’! Students CAN learn how to order and manage their time and their tasks.

“I keep ‘switching off’ in class” – how can YOU stay on task in the classroom and at home? Some of us like to listen, some like to read and some like to do! What about YOU? By understanding how they learn best, students can learn how to ‘switch on’ in class and at home!

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