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Successful Transitions

Staff Workshop

This 90 minute session targets primary and high/middle school principals as well as teachers of students in their final year of primary school and first year of secondary school.

Transition to high school is not just a physical re-location, nor is it simply an 'orientation' - 30 years of research confirms that this is one of the most signifciant processes of physical, emotional, social, cognitive and academic development. As such, primary and secondary schools need to 'combine forces' and develop a structured and effective approach to preparing students for the changes ahead.

The Successful Transitions workshop focuses on identifying the impact of these changes on students and how schools can work with their students and the community to ease the progress from primary to high school. There is no 'one size fits all', and this session provides an opportunity to discuss current, successful practice as well as a range of strategies which will form a structured and 'best fit' transition program to suit the needs of your school and your community.

This overview of key elements of successful transitions includes information and discussion on:

  • Transition facts and figures
  • How transition is currently handled in YOUR school
  • How your school can ease the transition process - what will work for YOUR school?
  • What teachers can do to 'connect' primary teaching and learning with secondary teaching and expectations

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