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T.O.P Skills Program

Parent/Student Workshop

For parents who would like to find more practical ways to help their sons and daughters be more effective students now and productive employees in the future - and for students who want to learn more about the expectations beyond school - this is the session for you!

The T.O.P Skills Program runs for 90 minutes and targets the school and pre-employment skills of Time management, Organisation and Prioritising.

Help avoid procrastination by using easy tips to manage time, workload and life! We discuss ways to:

  • Organise the work environment
  • Prioritise tasks - Rocks, Pebbles, Sand!
  • Use a Planner - properly!
  • Break down large work loads into smaller, more achievable tasks

These skills not only have a positive impact on learning, but they also lead to the development of valuable and transferable work and life skills!

We also discuss tips on preparing for that all-important job by:

  • Compiling a CV that's right for you!
  • Presenting yourself in the best possible way to your future employer at interview

This workshop can be conducted outside school premises and by arrangement with High Hopes Educational Services. For pricing of this workshop, see separate page or contact us.