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U-Turn Transition to University Progam

Student/Parent Workshop

Transition to university is a massive change for the entire family - the close relationship between school and family takes a real u-turn along the path of increased levels of independence, responsibility, adaptability and new learning. For students AND parents, this transition to university can be both exciting and stressful.

The 90-minute U-Turn Transition to University Program highlights common transition issues of 'fitting in' to university life and responding to increased independence and levels of responsibility, but targets strategies to cope with different teaching and learning methods.

Difficulty coping with the new approach to teaching and learning at university often results in students dropping subjects, changing courses, deferring study or even leaving study altogether! It doesn't need to be this way!!

Students will gain information and strategies to adapt to change and become more effective learners. Parents will appreciate the increased demands and expectations of university life and gain an insight into the new challenges ahead.

The session will address common fears of students and parents in those early days of university, but will focus heavily on:

Understanding learning styles - with each student undertaking a 'learning style profile' to determine their preferred style(s)

• Targeting specific strategies to establish effective work patterns - and engage learning styles

• Developing a system of organisation and time management to stay 'on track'

By finding each student's unique 'fit' early, the feeling of being overwhelmed by so many changes can be avoided - and successful habits established immediately!

This workshop is usually conducted within university grounds and by arrangement with High Hopes Educational Services. For pricing of this workshop, see separate page or contact us.