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Unfortunately due to increasing costs, all session and presentation fees will be increased from July 1, 2012.

Please note that workshops can be arranged by a school, a parent committee or a private organisation.

In addition to the workshops, High Hopes offers Year 5 and 6 Text Type Assessment rubrics for purchase.

All workshops include the provision of session summary notes and information - at no extra charge. It is assumed that schools/organisations are able to photocopy presentation and session notes for participants. If this is not possible, an additional photocopying levy will be charged.

Please note:

**Travel and/or accommodation costs will apply if the session or presentation is scheduled outside the Sydney metropolitan area.

** A fee of $50 per day living allowance will be charged for sessions outside Sydney metropolitan area requiring overnight stay(s).

** If travel requires the use of personal car, travel costs will be calculated at the rate of 60c per km (13c per km under the recommended rate suggested by the ATO)



We make every effort to ensure that all sessions are affordable! Our philosophy is to provide a service which can be easily accessed by all, at a rate that does not preclude not-for-profit organisations and community organisations on limited budgets! Please contact us to discuss your needs.



We understand that sometimes it is necessary to postpone, cancel or re-schedule events. However, we are sure you understand that once a date has been confirmed, bookings from other groups cannot be made for that date.

If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the confirmed event, no fee will be charged, as this time frame allows for another booking to be made.

If an event is postoponed within 30 days, but rescheduled for another time, no fee will be charged.

If cancellation occurs within one week of the confirmed event, half the scheduled fee will be charged. If the event is re-scheduled for another date, no fee will be charged.

If cancellation occurs witihin 48 hours of the confirmed event, the full fee will be charged. If the event is re-scheduled for another date, no fee will be charged.

If cancellation, postponement or re-scheduling occurs, any out-of-pocket expenses which have been incurred (travel, accommodation etc) will need to be reimbursed.


Guest Presentations

Fees for guest presentations are based on presentation length, preparation time for tailoring the presentation to suit client needs and location. A minimum fee of $1500 for a 60 minute presentation will be charged.

Fees for presentations to not-for-profit organisations may be negotiable - contact us!


Consultation Fees

Consultation fees can be charged at an hourly rate or as a project fee.

Due to increased overheads, the hourly rate will be now be charged at $200 per hour - project fees are negotiable - contact us!


PATH Service - Parents (All programs 60 minutes each)

$30 per head (additional $5 for each student attending)

Please note that confirmation of booking and payment MUST be received no later than 2 days prior to PATH session. Individual refunds for non-attendance do NOT apply.


Tutorials - Individual student sessions

$100 'fee for service' charged per hour, per student. Sessions are one hour minimum.

Groups of 2 or more students will be charged at a group rate of $150 per hour - maximum group of 3 students. Sessions are one hour minimum.

Individual sessions run at your home will incur a travel cost if more than 20km from business location. Costs will be calculated on time and distance travelled - to be negotiated.

If you are not within the Sydney metroplitan area, but would like to access this service, tutorials can still be arranged and conducted on Skype. Materials for the session will be emailed in advance. Scheduled fee is $100 per hour.


CVs/Resumes - New or updated!

A fee of $100 per hour will be charged to create a new CV or update an existing CV.


Text Type Assessment Rubrics

$100 for series of 10 rubrics

Discount price of $50 if purchased in conjunction with a staff workshop booking

Photocopying rights for purchasing schools only

Year 5 and 6 Text Type Assessment rubrics are an easy and effective way for you to assess students' writing, as well as teaching students the skill of assessing their own work - a vital skill for secondary school!


Research and Assignment Skills Handbook - 2nd edition!

This clear and concise handbook is aimed at helping students plan, research and complete assignment and assessment tasks - on time!

Developed to support students from late primary to TAFE level, this resource is sure to eliminate the woes of procrastination and hours searching online for the RIGHT material!

Contact us if you wish to place an order, or go directly to Bindaree Publishing at www.bindareepublishing.com.au to place your order. At $10 + postage and handling for an individual copy, you can't go wrong!