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“Congratulations on what you are achieving with our youngAustralians.”
Professor Tony Vinson, Hon. Professor Faculty of Education and Social Work at Sydney University, Chair of the Public Education Enquiry and researcher/author of Good Transitions, presented at the CornerstonesConference in Sydney, 2006.

Parent Workshops

“The information I heard last year was the most useful information and advice I have ever received for any of my children. My son finally feels in control – thank you!” (St. Patrick’s College)

“We can easily implement these ideas to accommodate our busy lifestyle.” (Arncliffe P.S)

“I already have a child in high school (Year 8). I am actually walking away today knowing that she can apply a lot of these methods." (Our Lady Star of the Sea, Miranda)

“Should be brought to school for everyone – especially students.” (St. Francis Xavier, Lurnea)

"This workshop needs to run at every school for every Year 6 child!" (Newbridge Heights P.S)

"Congratulations on your initiative. Very valuable work!" (Rozelle P.S, 200)

"Subject matter and content were very relevant." (St. Catherine's School, Waverley)

“I wish I had this seminar when my oldest was in Year 6. It may have saved a lot of tears over organisational skills and time management.” (Laguna Street P.S.)

"I am going to use this information to organise my boys better!" (Canterbury P.S)

"It was great! Chunking brilliant and the Term Planner - again, brilliant!" (St. John Bosco College)

"Excellent, would like to spend many hours with you!" (Radford College, ACT)

"Angie has so much to say! I think she could do with more time to present this topic." (Radford College, ACT)

"Very practical and informative session. Excellent tips and strategies. Speaker very easy to listen to and relate to. Look forward to a future session." (Radford College, ACT)

"Very interesting and relevant. I wish I knew this when my eldest commenced high school. I have never heard of 'chunking' previously." (Good Shepherd, Lockridge, WA)

"Absolutely brilliant! I and my son are quite organised and do some of those things, but you have enthusiastically driven me to help out even more! Looking forward to high school!" (Good Shepherd, Lockridge, WA)

"Made me feel more comfortable that our child will have the tools to get through secondary school...and life!" (Echuca, Vic)

"Empowering parents to recognise their contributions to their child's education was a 'take home' message from your presentation for me...I enjoyed your genuine approach" (Kyabram, Vic)

"Informative and delightful presentation, full of information!" (Macarthur Anglican School, NSW)

"Fabulous workshop and can't wait to put into action. My daughter was excited to get folders started. Has assignment due soon. Will try the time management." (The Entrance PS)

Student Workshops

"My mum is always telling me to be organised. Now I know what she means!" (Arncliffe P.S)

"I feel so much more confident about starting high school!" (Arncliffe P.S)

"I learned lots!" (Loftus P.S)

"I am fine now - and much more confident" (Bexley North P.S)

"I know I would have been disorganised in high school without this." (Canterbury P.S)

Staff Workshops

"Great information for New Scheme teachers, helpful hints for ALL!" ('Learning to Learn', Penrith RSL)

"FINALLY someone has shown us HOW!" ('Learning to Learn', Penrith RSL)

"I really enjoyed the emphasis on practical application of theory." ('Learning to Learn', Penrith RSL)

"Excellent presenter with a wealth of experience and knowledge!" ('Learning to Learn', Penrith RSL)

"Well-informed strategies; up to date." ('Learning to Learn', Wirreanda P.S)

"Valuable to learn the importance of transition and how we can ensure a successful program - fantastic workshop!" ('Successful Transitions', combined staff session regional Vic)

"Great information on the importance of communication between primary and secondary schools" ('Successful Transitions', combined staff session regional Vic)

"Angie's talk on research facts and figures and adolescent development during this transition phase was excellent!" ('Successful Transitions', combined staff session regional Vic)

"Great information on strategies we can use to implement a successful transition strategy" ('Successful Transitions', combined staff session metropolitan Vic)

"Thought provoking. Topics got to the core of learning" ('Learning with-Style', Berkeley West PS)

"It was enlightening to find out the different ways of learning" ('Learning with Style', Berk. West PS)

"Angie was extremely knowledgeable about the differences between boys and girls learning" ('Boys' and Girls' Education - There is a Difference!', Newbridge Heights PS)

"Made me stop and think about how I engage boys and girls in the classroom - I didn't realise there was SUCH a difference in their learning' ('Boys' and Girls' Education - There is a Difference!', NHPS)

'The Song Room' Teaching Artists

"Angie was very informative - would have liked more time with her."

"Angie was very enjoyable and educational. An inspirational speaker!"

"Great speaker! Really useful information."

"Would have liked more time to discuss classroom issues with Angie."