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High Hopes Educational Services offers a variety of programs - check out the details by clicking on one of the links below:

For Parents, Students (or combined workshops).....

Ready, Set, Go! Program - for parents of pre-schoolers ready to start school

B.O.A.T Program - transition program for students and/or parents moving from primary to secondary school. Targets four main components of Balance, Organisational skills, Attitude and Time management strategies

Successful Transitions - strategies to engage parents at school and at home - for parents of adolescents in secondary school. Covers the BOAT components, as well as adolescent personal development

S.K.O.O.L Program - 'best practice' work strategies for students (Years 5 and 6)

The L.O.T Program - what makes your child 'tick'? For parents of students Years 5-10

'Get it Write!' Program - essay writing tips for students/parents (Years 5-10)

T.O.P Skills Program - senior school years and pre-employment tips for parents/students

U-Turn Program - transition from school to university (for students beginning university, and parents)

Parents AT Home - PATH Service

For Primary, Secondary Teachers and Principals.....

Successful Transitions - for primary and secondary principals and teachers of students in final year primary and first year secondary

Middle Years - Engaged and Motivated - for primary and secondary teachers and principals

Parent Engagement - Partners in Education - for primary and secondary principals and teachers

Boys and Girls Education - There is a Difference! - for primary and secondary teachers and principals

Learning to Learn Program - for teachers K-6

Learning - with 'Style' - for teachers K-6

For Employers, Businesses.....

Learning Styles in the Workplace - corporate training

NOTE: Individual and small group tutorials tailored to suit needs of students and parents are also available. If interested in booking a session or workshop, visit the contact us page.